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Date post 2023-08-24

e-Prep ONE : Full automated sample preparation stand alone workstation for Chromotography !

 e-Prep One offers a full automated , end-to-end solution for chromatography sample preparation, helping to increase the efficiency and accurancy of virtually any workflow while dramatically reducing costs and environmental impact.

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Date post 2023-08-11

YMC Biochromatography columns Guide for analyse of Proteins, Peptides, Antibodies, Oligonucleotides, Nucleic acids by RP, IEX, SEC & HIC

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Date post 2022-11-25

The SmartRack at work : Space saving, Organization, Efficiency, Aesthetic Elegance, combined with modern technology

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Date post 2022-11-04

DigiVOL : The Analytical Syringe with a Brain. DigiVol is a high performance, handheld digital analytical syringe designed for aliquoting aqueous, organic & volatile liquids from 0.1ul to 5ml at pressure, with exceptional accuracy and precision.

 Applicaties for Direct to Mass Spec, Filtration, Routine dispensing, Dispensing Volatiles Organics, Sequence Micro Reactions, Standards Addition, Efficient Dilutions, Reaction/Kinetic studies, Derivatisation Reagent Addition, Hand-held Automated Delivery Biotechnology.

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Date post 2022-05-16


you will find application data on the important topics in cannabis testing by liquid chromatography, such as:


  • Potency testing
  • Pesticide analyses
  • Mycotoxin analyses


At the end of each chapter you will find a short table providing information about the preferred stationary phase for each challenge.  


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Date post 2022-01-28

HALO 1.5mm ID Columns

The new product HALO® 1.5 aims to bridge the gap between microflow and analytical flow allowing analysts to get more from their UHPLC systems.

There are in 4 phases available , C18/ C18-ES/C4/Diphenyl , each in different lengths 50, 100 and 150mm.

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