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Date post 25-07-2018

Newcomers YMC Bio LC Columns


New YMC Bio LC  Phases
in 1.9 – 3 – 5 µm!

YMC-Triart Bio C4

  • Excellent, superior reproducibility
  • High pH stability (1-10)
  • Higher temperature stability (up to 90°C)
  • For HPLC and UHPLC
  • No MS bleeding
  • No carryover effects

YMC-Triart Bio C4 is dedicated for:

  • proteins
  • (larger) peptides



  •          Especially designed for Antibodies, Antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs), Proteins
  •          Excellent lot-to-lot reproducibility
  •          Long term stability


  •          Selectivity for antibodies
  •          Monomers, fragments, aggregates
  •          High reproducibility

Open the recent flyer on our BioLC newcomers
 incl. specifications.


The product codes for YMC-Triart Bio C4 are starting with (for 1.9, 3, 5 µm) TB30SP9-/TB30S03-/TB30S05-


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