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Post edited 14 february 2018

HILICON HPLC-UHPLC Columns for HILIC applications

Company Profile of HILICON AB

HILICON is a leading company in developing and manufacturing chromatography products for HILIC separation of polar compounds. It has recently introduced a broad range of HILIC columns under the brand names of iHILIC®-Fusion, iHILIC®-Fusion(+), and iHILIC®-Fusion(P). These columns can be used in the application areas, i.e., “Omics” researches, pharmaceutical discovery, food and beverage industry, clinical diagnostics, and environmental monitoring.


The packed stationary phases are charge modulated amide silica or polymer particles that are covalently bonded with neutral, positively charged, and negatively charged hydrophilic functional groups, following our longtime experience in HILIC technology. Therefore, iHILIC columns provide tailor-made and complementary selectivity, excellent durability, and ultra-low bleeding, which improve the productivity and quality of chemical and biological analysis.


Beside the HILIC columns, HILICON also provide HILIC type SPE cartridges (iSPE®-HILIC) for solid phase extraction and purification of polar compounds from various sample matrix. The purification of glycan/glycopeptides or toxins are two of most important applications.




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