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Partisil & Partisphere : Achrom de officŽle Benelux verdeler !

Partisil® and Partisphere® HPLC Column Range Acquired by Hichrom Limited

Hichrom™ Limited are pleased to announce the acquisition of the Partisil™ and Partisphere
HPLC column consumable product line from Whatman™, a division of GE Healthcare™.
Based in the UK, Hichrom™ are a leading European manufacturer and distributor of
HPLC columns, consumables and media, with manufacturing facilities accredited to both ISO9001
(Quality) and ISO14001 (Environmental) standards.

Hichrom™ have worked closely with GE Healthcare™ during the manufacture of these products
for a number of years and, as such, manufacturing protocols, product specifications and part numbers will remain unaffected by the acquisition.

From 17th April 2012, Partisil™ and Partisphere™ products will be available from Hichrom™ as manufacturer. Achrom is the offcial Benelux dealer for Hichrom so Achrom will support and deliver you from now on all the Partisil & Partisphere items.

The original Whatman Partisil & Partisphere column part numbers will be retained.

Achrom tel 0032 9 3800647   F 00 32 9 3800647   www.achrom.be  achrom@achrom.be


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