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Achrom 1 source for all type DETECTOR LAMPS !


Achrom provides Detector lamps, extented range of Deuterium lamps, Hollow Cathode lamps & Spare parts and lamps for HPLC instruments  at a good price without any compromise on quality.  

All lamps are certificated recording the date of manufacture, serial number, testers name and the counts reading for future traceability. All lamps are made to the strictest tolerances.

We offer a comprehensive range including the Shimadzu SPD10A, the Waters 2487 and both the Agilent 1100 DAD and VWD.

Hollow Cathode lamps to fit all Atomic Absorption instruments. (AAS)

  • Unicam
  • Shimadzu
  • Hitachi
  • Perkin Elmer
  • Varian
  • GBC
  • Thermo
  • Analytik Jena

Range of high performance Single Element Hollow Cathode lamps are available in 37mm (1.5") or 50mm (2") in both Coded and Uncoded version. 

Lifetime is key in AAS, our Hollow Cathode Lamps have a larger internal gas volume than many other designs, which means every Hollow Cathode Lamp comes with a guaranteed lifetime of 5000 mA hrs - even for elements like As or Hg.


Detector lamps for ABI, ACS, Agilent, Beckman Altex,Biorad, Biscchof, Bruker, Biochrom,Camspec, Cecil, Dionex, GAT, GBC, Gilson, Jasco, Knauer, Kontron, LDc , LKB & Pharmacia, Merck, Perkin Elmer, Philips Unicam, Shimadzu, TSP, Varian and Waters

Lamps for HPLC instuments & spare parts for :

ABI, ACS,Agilent, Beckman, Biorad, Cecil, CTC, Dionex,GBC, Gilson, Jasco, Knauer, Kontron , LDC,LKB & Pharmacia, Merck, Perin Elmer, Philips Unicam, Shimadzu, Spark Holland, TSP, Varian, Waters.




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