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New 2.7um HALO phase : Penta-HILIC !


Is the latest addition to the original 2.7um range of Fused Core columns
manufactured by AMT.
Halo columns feature a 0.5um porous silica layer "fused" onto
a 1.7um solid silica particle.
The resulting columns provide faster separation and higher sample throughput, without compromising column efficiëncy, ruggedness and realiability. The Fused-Core particles generate significantly lower back pressure compared to other UHPLC columns, enabling them to be used with conventional HPLC as weel as UHPLC equipment.

Halo Penta HIlic

*  Highly retentive, penta-hydroxy-ligand
*  Excellent peak shape for polar components with a variety of functional groups
*  Compatibel with all typical HILIC operating conditions


The HALO Penta Hilic brochure is waiting on you !

2 typical applications.

Antiulcer Drugs :

Beta Blockers :

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