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ACCESSORIES for GAS Chromatography



 GC Accessories /Consumables

* GC syringes 

   1. SGE Analytical Science : Autosampler syringes, Guide for selection syringes

      Complete catalog SGE for ALL Syringes , GC & LC, click here 


   2. VICI Valco syringes 


   3. Hamilton : Cross reference list Hamilton versus SGE Trajan syringes

    4. ILS


eVOL Digital Dispenser with Removable Syringes : 0.2ul to 1ml 


   Click  on the picture to open the folder


   ref eVol-XR kit for NMR : ACH 2910100


* All GC Consumables per type of Instrument  :
  GC -Liners, Septa,  Ferrules, Unions , Multipliers .. 

  for Agilent, Varian-Bruker, Thermo Scientific,Perkin Elmer and Shimadzu.
 Click here to open the Quick Pick overview brochure for all the instruments


* VICI JOUR : Chromatography Fluid/Gas transfer

* GC fittings : SilTite FingerTiteSiltite connector
 GC Liners,  Overview liners per instrument 
* GC splitters : Silflow 
Vials, seals & Caps Infochroma , Chrom4, Chromacol, National Sc, Thermo
Micro titer plates
* Gasflowmeters :

  -  Gasflowmeter for different gasses new type GLF1010 from Gl Science

  -  Gas Digital Flowmeter type GLF 1000

Gas Leak detector
* Gas purification Filters from SGT & SGE
Gas sampling Bags
* Retention Gaps
Syringe Filters , Membrane Fiters
* Standards
VICI JOUR Tubings 

Tubing cutters 
SPE columns


toegevoegd op 18-09-2017 om 16:11

ACE HILIC Development kits : 3 columns for the price of 1

IEX media for the analyses and purification of biomolecules from YMC

PROMOTION ON GracePure SPE columns

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YMC 2017-2018 Brandnew LC Columns Catalog

Achrom the official VICI Valco distributor

New HPLC applications for Drugs from Nacalaļ

Interested in Free HPLC/UHPLC seminar from ACHROM for Chromatography columns ?

New Products
HALO Glycan LC Column for Oligosaccharides, Protein linked Glycans & Glycopeptides

Unique C18 Phase for Steric Demanding : YMC TRIART C18 ExRS

New Digital Portable Gasflowmeter for N2, Air, he, Ar, H2

Fused Core HALO columns

HALO Peptide 2 Columns at half price

ACE Method Development Kits for UHPLC/HPLC : Buy 1 column, 2 free