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YMC Newsletter 02-2013: Analytical LC/Glass columns/Exhibitions



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NEW: YMC-Triart Phenyl

Are you looking for an alternative way to separate:
   • Aromatic hydrocarbons?
   • Aromatic sterically demanding analytes?

YMC-Triart Phenyl is the alternative new selectivity for these applications:
   • µ-µ interaction for the separation of aromatic analytes
   • Flexibility in method development (pH 1-10)
   • Alternative selectivity to conventional C18 columns

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New guard cartridges and holder for YMC Triart UHPLC columns

Resistant up to 100 MPa, available in a range of chemistries are ideal for protecting Triart 1.9µm analytical columns.

The zero dead-volume holders with low dispersion cartridges allow direct connection to all YMC Triart UHPLC columns.

For more detailed information - click here to download the YMC flyer "YMC - EXP®Guard Cartridge Column" in PDF



Exhibitions & conferences


HPLC 2013 in Amsterdam – from 16th until 20th June 2013


You will find us at booth D1!

HPLC 2013 will be held from 16th until 20th June 2013 in Amsterdam and YMC are pleased to announce their participation.

We will present our innovative products:...

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Not only for Flash - YMC laboratory glass columns - Now: for reversed phase preparative separations with YMC-Triart C18 Hybrid

The use of glass columns for normal phase or reversed phase chromatography has traditionally been limited to simple applications, such as flash chromatography using low efficiency large particle packing materials.

However, YMC glass columns can also be used with more modern packing materials thanks to the high pressure resistance of these columns. A good example is shown in the chromatogram...

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Ontdek de nieuwe HALO AQ-C18 Fused Core kolommen

Peptide analyses met de nieuwe HALO Phenyl Hexyl 160A

Promotie GracePure SPE columns

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2017-2018 LC - YMC kolom FLIP catalogus

IEX media voor de analyse en purificatie van biomoleculen



Technisch seminarie ivm HPLC/UHPLC

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Ontdek de nieuwe HALO AQ-C18 Fused Core kolom, nu aan speciale promotieprijs !

Peptide analyses met de nieuwe HALO Phenyl Hexyl 160A aan ZEER interessante prijs !

HALO GLYCAN LC Kolom voor Oligosacharides, Protein-linked Glycans & Glycopeptides

Nieuwe HALO Fused Core kolommen aan zeer uitzonderlijke introductieprijzen

TOP 5 GC kolommen van SGE !

GC toebehoren voor de meeste GC's op de markt