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28-06-2017 YMC 2017-2018 Brandnew LC Columns Catalog
   Ask your printed copy or CLICK here for pdf FLIP book   The... read more
26-01-2017 Achrom the official VICI Valco distributor
  VICI Valco : Valves, LC/Gas Connection items, Precison Sampling products     CLICK on the covers below to open the catalogs please       ... read more
26-01-2017 New HPLC applications for Drugs from Nacalaļ
 COSMOSIL Newsletter ... read more
27-03-2015 NEW HPLC COSMOSIL catalog 9th edition
  ... read more
26-11-2014 Improved UHPLC/HPLC Method Development with ACE Advanced Selectivity Phases
ACHROM is the BENELUX dealer for ACE. ACE Advanced Selectivity phases are... read more
20-11-2014 YMC CHIRAL Phases : Coated & Immobilised
 Coated and immobilised YMC ChIRAL Polysaacharide Derivatives Series   YMC Chiral polysaccharide columns are characterised by a wide range of selectivities,... read more
05-09-2014 MonoTrap GL Sciences : Monolithic Material Sorptive Extraction
 The Ultimate technology for Sample Concentration Monotrap is a newly-developed, state of the art sorptive media, based on the high surface of silica monolithic technology. Its designed... read more
13-08-2014 2014-2015 GL Science Catalogus : Inertsil /InertSustain HPLC/UHPLC Columns
 Click here to download the GLScience catalogus 2014-2015   Contact Achrom for prices, promotions and delivery times   ... read more
11-12-2013 IDEX catalog 2014 : Fluidic Products & Info for Laboratory applications
IDEX Health & Science 2014  It contains products mainly from Upchurch Scientific & Rheodyne. Complete catalog concerning fittings , connectors, Laboratory... read more
16-10-2013 Kromasil 1,8 µm UHPLC & HPLC columns
Akzo Nobel launched Kromasil in 1,8um columns , these can be used for UHPLC and HPLC. open pdf file for all details ... read more
26-03-2013 Select pH Buffer pouches from UCT
To help simplify the process of sample preparation, UCT has developed a line of "ready to use" phosphate and acetate buffer pouches. The UCT buffer... read more
18-09-2012 New ACE Excel 2 Ultra Robust UHPLC columns
Ace Excel Ultra Robust UHPLC columns : benefits as exceptional reproducibility & robustness, combined wih excellent quality and efficiency, but have especially engineered to withstand... read more
18-09-2012 YMC Newsletter
 Click op the pdf file to open the latest newsletter from YMC. New is the YMC-Triart Diol-Hilic for analytical applications and a new phase for preparative... read more
14-09-2012 SGE GC'Columns in the spotlight !
HIgh Five range of GC Capillary Columns from SGE : 1. BP5MS - Optimized Silphenylene content for general purpose MS analyses 2. BP5 - For general purpose analyses 3. BPX5 -... read more
03-05-2012 Bio General Catalog by GL-Sciences
  Bio General Catalog by GL-Sciences GL-Sciences just released a special brochure focused on sample preparation & sample enrichment applications in biosciences. The catalog covers... read more
09-03-2012 Whatman Partisil & Partisphere columns now standard in Achrom's portfolio !
  ... read more
16-02-2012 SHODEX : FREE COLUMN untill end of april 2012 !!
SHODEX campagne ; FREE DEMO columns it works as follows : * FREE DEMOCOLUMN (please let us know for which application , to make the best choice) * Can be... read more
10-03-2011 COSMOSIL Newsletter march 2011 / NEW applications !
    Click on the link below to open the newsletter from NacalaÎ Tesque concerning COSMOSIL concerning new applications userfiles/file/COSMOSIL_Newsletter_New_Applications%20march%202011.pdf... read more
24-02-2011 YMC NEWS Jan-Febr 2011
 click on the pdf icone to open the newsletter... read more
16-02-2011 SHODEX 2011-2012 catalog
We would like to inform you about the new Shodex catalogue 2011 - 2012. You will find new... read more
20-01-2011 More than 6000 phosphopeptides identified with the GL Sciences' TiO2 resin & Phos-TiO phosphopeptide enrichment kit
GL Sciences' TiO2 resin and Phos-TiO phosphopeptide enrichment kit are in press at Mol Cell Proteomics: http://mcponline.org/content/early/2010/12/27/mcp.M110.000927.abstract There are confidently identified 6,248... read more
11-10-2010 NEW Very high pressure fittings from Idex-Upchurch !
  ... read more
18-03-2010 HILIC Newsletter / Glycomics & Glycoproteomics by HILIC
Up to date information concerning HILIC from Merck-Sequant. contact Achrom for extra info and orderinformation ! Click here : userfiles/file/HILIC%20newsletter.pdf... read more
12-01-2010 Ultrasphere brand, now available from Achrom
Now , all previous materials, columns from Beckman available through Achrom. Hichrom has now the production in hands and Achrom as official Benelux dealer for... read more
YMC Chiral brochures now expanded extensively

ORIGINAL GRACE LC columns available from ACHROM !

NEW HILIC Fusion columns from HILICON

Newsletter manufacturers
YMC 2017-2018 Brandnew LC Columns Catalog

Achrom the official VICI Valco distributor

New HPLC applications for Drugs from Nacalaļ

Interested in Free HPLC/UHPLC seminar from ACHROM for Chromatography columns ?

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HALO Glycan LC Column for Oligosaccharides, Protein linked Glycans & Glycopeptides

Unique C18 Phase for Steric Demanding : YMC TRIART C18 ExRS

New Digital Portable Gasflowmeter for N2, Air, he, Ar, H2

Fused Core HALO columns

HALO Peptide 2 Columns at half price

ACE Method Development Kits for UHPLC/HPLC : Buy 1 column, 2 free