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De NIEUWE HALO 2 Peptide UHPLC kolom



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         Introducing the new HALO 2 Peptide Column 

         * Fast, high efficiency separations for max resolution

         * Higher Peak Capacity of UHPLC analyse at lower back pressures

         * Improved Productivity with high, fast resolution


        Other Bio Class columns 

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HALO BioClass columns offer many advantages, including the high speed and efficiency of sub-2-micron non-core wide-pore columns at lower operating pressures, the ability to generate high resolution separations with longer columns without exceeding the pressure limits of your instrument, and reduced risk of plugging your columns because of 2-micron inlet frits.  Using guard columns will protect your columns from chemical contamination from highly retained components of your samples.






HALO began the revolution in core-shell columns over nine years ago and the proven value of innovative Fused-Core particle technology continues to drive the rapid growth in the use of these types of UHPLC and HPLC columns. We are proud to offer these high-performance wide-pore HALO BioClass columns to our customers who desire to improve the speed and resolution of their biomolecule separations but want to operate at low pressures. 



Achrom, the official dealer for HALO columns from AMT in the whole Benelux



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