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New in our portfolio : Gas Generators


VICI fabricate their own Gas Generators and  supplies :


These are Hydrogen, Nitrogen and air generators for analytic instruments for
GC, GC/MS and LC/MS , temperature controle accessories for chemical analyses.



prices, delivery time, offers,orders and all details you can get from Achrom achrom@achrom.be

More technical details you find also on the website  from VICI DBS




 PG Hydrogen Generator                                  NM Hydrogen Generator

Fuel Gas for FID, NPD, FPD detectors         Carrier Gas for GC-FID & GC-MS 







Zero Air Generator                                                      UHP Nitrogen Generator

(Hydrocarbon free air)                                                 Carrier gas, make up gas
for fuel gas on FID, NPD & FPD                                   GC & ECD



FID Gas Stations                                 

(PEM Hydrogen + Zero Air)
Fuel Gas for FID, NPD, FPD


 Generators for LC-MS & ELSD






Mini Whisper                      Whisper                               Mistral Evolution
   for ELSD                Membrane N2 LC-MS     Plug & Play Nitrogen for LC-MS


 Achrom official dealer for 



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