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SGE Product Data and Part Numbers FLIP CATALOG

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The catalog contents :

* Syringes how late can you have an abortion : Manual, Autosampler, Dispenser & Pump, Digital Syringe eVol, repl Parts, Cross ref list Hamilton

* Injection Port : Liners, Septa, Injection Port Kits

* Separations : GC Columns

* Connections : Ferrules, Splitters, Unions, Fittings


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VICI now manufactures & supplies Laboratory Gas Generators - Achrom is official dealer

NEW HILIC Fusion columns from HILICON

SGE Product Data and Part Numbers FLIP CATALOG

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Achrom the official VICI Valco distributor

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New Digital Portable Gasflowmeter for N2, Air, he, Ar, H2

Unique C18 Phase for Steric Demanding : YMC TRIART C18 ExRS

HALO Glycan LC Column for Oligosaccharides, Protein linked Glycans & Glycopeptides

HALO Peptide 2 Columns at half price

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