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HALO BioClass UHPLC/HPLC columns for Peptides & Proteins

Better HPLC/UHPLC of peptides and proteins with new HALO BioClass columns
Advanced Materials Technology has recently introduced a line of HPLC and UHPLC columns specifically designed for fast, high-resolution separation of peptides and proteins. These columns, designated HALO BioClass columns, are packed with “core-shell” type particles, which are particularly well suited for the separation of peptides and proteins. Specifically selected pore sizes, optimized porous shell thickness and particle size, and the use of extraordinary stable bonding chemistry provides optimum separation of peptides up to 10 kDa (HALO Peptide) and proteins and polypeptides in the range of 2 kDa to 500 kDa (HALO Protein). The low back-pressure of these columns permit them to be used with either UHPLC or conventional HPLC equipment.
HALO BioClass columns offer many advantages, including the ability to provide extraordinary high peak capacity for tryptic digests, generate ultra-fast separations of peptides and/or proteins, and operate at temperatures as high as 90oC for improved separation of some proteins, such as hydrophobic proteins. In addition, HALO BioClass columns are fully compatible with mass spec friendly mobile phases and have a durability that is surprising for columns with such a high level of performance.
Please click on the link to view the product bulletin and learn more about these new HPLC and UHPLC columns.userfiles/file/HALO_BioClass_PB_Achrom_STA016.pdf 

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