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SSTARPURE : SPE manufacturer


All the GRACE SPE products are now again available through
Achrom , produced by company S*Pure, according to the original protocols of Grace.



GracePure™ SPE Sorbents for the Clean-up, 
Concentration and Recovery of Chromatography Samples


Applications :


C18-Max : Highest binding capacity (17% C load). For complex samples or structurally diverse analytes . Ideal for drugs and their metabolites in serum and plasma, for pesticides.


C18-Aq : Water-wettable C18 ideal for aqueous samples. Phase remains active even when completely dry. Use for desalting proteins, pharmaceuticals, hormones, pesticides, organics in water.


C18-Low : C18 phase that easily releases very hydrophobic compounds. Use for surfactants, oils, antibiotics.


C18-Fast :  Large 100μm particle processes large volume (>500mL) or viscous samples with fast flow rates. Ideal for aniline, pesticides, haloethers, phthalate esters, EPA 3620, 3610.


Silica : Most polar phase, able to differentiate between structurally similar compounds. Use for aflatoxins, pesticides, steroids, structural isomers.


Diol : Very polar phase that wets easily and offers more reproducibility than Silica. Use for alkaloids, lipids, oils, structural isomers.


Amino : Retains polar compounds, or can act as a weak anion exchanger. Easily releases strong acids when SAX binds too strongly. Use for carbohydrates, dyes, lipids, mycotoxins, strong acids.


Florisil : Highly polar surface. Processes large samples with fast flow rates. Ideally suited for pesticides and metals. Referenced in many EPA methods.


Anion-X : Tetramethyl ammonium functional group. Retains anionic compounds (organic acids, fatty acids). pH range from 1–14.


Cation-X : Benzene sulfonic acid functional group. Retains cationic compounds (amines, amino acids). pH range from 1–14.


Also in portfolio of S*Pure :


Extract-Clean columns : 30 media types in over 10 different bed weights.

Maxi-Clean cartridges : for multimedia extractions, alternative for Sep-Pak from Waters.
Ultra-Clean columns : packed into highly inert fluorinated polypropylene tubes with Teflon frits.

Vydac cartridges : for protein and peptide  applications


Manifolds, Drying Tubes, Reservoirs, Frits, Adapters and Caps






Please contact us with your enquiry for prices and technical support.


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