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ACHROM sa/nv Company

Achrom nv is a Belgian company, active in the distribution of Chromatography products, mainly for columns but also consumables from SPE items, Vials, Detector Lamps, Syringes, Flashchromatography to all kind of Fittings & Accessories.

We are specialised in finding for you the most suitable column with the best performce for your application.
Let us help you with starting up a new method and/or optimize your existing analysis.

Achrom can offer you a broad range of accessories for the most common instruments on the market for LC and GC.

Achrom represents a large section of internationally recognised manufacturers & suppliers,
most of them even on exclusive basis. All of them leading producers who are working under strict quality norms.

Well trained and highly qualified people give you technical and/or give commercial advice.

All know-how is in house to help you with methoddevelopment and QC applications. 
We have the experience to live up to your expectations.

We can trust also on a technical team of the manufactures who we are working with.
Take advantage of this and let's share the know-how.

Service and Support with an efficient and a quick approach are key words at Achrom. 


Achrom is member of the Laboratorium Federations : LABORAMA in Belgium and FHI in Netherland.




 The obtained quality service label gives you warranty for the best service & approach.













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